About Us

Welcome to Marfa Boots!

We’re so glad you found us and we hope you find something that makes you feel beautiful every step you take! 

The inspiration for Marfa Boots came to us when we were attending the American Rodeo and couldn’t find a pair of boots that would stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. We realized there was a need for a brand of boots that is trendy, affordable, and can pair with a variety of looks. That day sparked the idea, but we needed to come up with a name. There was no better place to name our brand after than our favorite little West Texas town, Marfa.

We worked tirelessly to design and create a line of boots we believe to be a centerpiece in everyone's wardrobe.

We can’t wait to see where your boots will take you and the memories you will make in them.

Cheers, cowgirl! 

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